August 2023 Newsletter

PV Dems IN THE NEWS and Upcoming Meetings - By Ann Nye -- Thanks to PV Dems Publicity Chair Allison Phillips, the Palos Verdes Democrats are in the news.  View the Peninsula magazine's "Spotlight… Visit the Post
August Meeting Report: 2022-23 Supreme Court Review - By Nancie Silver -- The Palos Verdes Democrats held a Zoom-only meeting on Sunday, August 20 due to the Tropical Storm Hilary Emergency Alert.  The… Visit the Post
State of the Club - By Connie Sullivan -- Every year the president of the club is charged with reporting on the state of the club. I can report that… Visit the Post
From the Activism Chair - By Caryl Schwartz -- Local Elections Matter: Before March 5th, join PV Dems to walk or phone bank District 2 and District 6 on behalf… Visit the Post
CADEM Report - By Connie Sullivan -- CADEM held its summer EBoard meeting the weekend of August 18-20 in Visalia.  (Why Visalia, you ask?  It was to highlight… Visit the Post
Join the Palos Verdes Democrats Today! Let’s Work Together to Create a Kinder and More Just Society - By Nancie Silver -- Hi! I’m your Palos Verdes Democrats Newsletter Editor and I want to thank all our members who renewed their membership at… Visit the Post
PV Dems Support Efforts to Stop New Utility Tax - By Connie Sullivan -- The club was approached by Cailley Underhill of the Solar Power Alliance to add our support to their effort to stop… Visit the Post
Climate Corner August 2023 – A Love Letter to Republicans - By Fraser Perkins -- Can you believe it?!  A love letter to Republicans appearing in a Democratic club newsletter!  Wow, the Democrats must be asleep,… Visit the Post
Color Me a Democrat – August 2023 - By Fraser Perkins -- Last month I asked you to call out Republican mischief when they trample on choice, gun control, and the environment.  This… Visit the Post

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