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Take trip recently?  New family member?  Discovered a new hobby?  If you would like to share news about yourself or other members of the club, please make a comment here.


  1. Thank You for this newsletter, Reggie. Ruth and Don have been in my Precinct – as long as I have been a member of the PV Dem Club – so this is a surprise, and I am sorry I have not been there recently. How amazing they have BOTH lived this long – Peace be with them!

  2. Ruth was actually one of the founders of our club and remained an active member until through age 90! So sorry to hear of Don’s passing, but we appreciate you keeping us informed, Reggie.

  3. I was out running this afternoon and saw Ruth McGrew sitting in front of her house. For those of you not familiar with Ruth, she was the heart and soul of the early PV Democratic Club. Now 90, she seemed in good physical health, and was able to have a conversation, but a friend/caregiver living with her told me that she would not remember the conversation. She also told me that her husband, Don, just passed away this past Sunday at age 94, but that Ruth has not been told.

    • Thank you Reggie.
      I feel so lucky to have become a member while they were still active.
      It has been an honor and inspiration to have known them.

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