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The Palos Verdes Peninsula Democratic Club was founded in 1952.   Although the club name was changed slightly (we are now the Palos Verdes Democrats), all along we have been active in local, state and national politics.

Our monthly meetings often feature guest speakers who address current political or social issues. Special events include opportunities to meet our elected local, state, or national representatives, as well as events where candidates for office can be seen and heard.

Delegates Elected to the CA State Democratic Party

Sara H. Deen DDS
Amy Howorth
Katharine Nyhus
Lori Ketkar
Susan Goodlerner MD
Diane Wallace
Maggie Bove-LaMonica

Tony Hale
Reggie Jue
Wayne Mogilefsky
Doug Bender
Mark E. Henderson
Jimmy Gow
Ben Tarzynski
Delegates represent you during the CA state convention to finalize the party platform, determine endorsement, set policy and elect party officers. The election for this term was held on January 27 at Hesse Park in Rancho Palos Verdes. 635 votes were cast and 46 new Democrats were registered. These are great turnout numbers! Tony Hale was elected to be the Executive Board Representative, and the elected delegates are shown in the table. Congratulations to everyone who participated in our Democratic party!

Member News

For news about members, go to our Members News page by clicking here.

On April 4, 2019, activists, including some members of our club, demanded full release of the Muller Special Counsel Report.

PV Democrats co-hosted a fundraiser for Assemblyman Al Muratsuchi on October 14 at the beautiful home of Richard and Melanie Lundquist. Many of our members were there, including PVPUSD Board candidate Megan Crawford. To see more photos of the event, click the photo to visit our PV Democrats Photo Gallery.

Gubinatorial candidate Gavin Newsom brought his campaign bus to Al Muratsuchi's HQ to talk to local democrats (including our own PV Dems unofficial photographer, Kay Jue) and provide great support to Al's candidacy.

What's an easier way to make a difference in the upcoming election than to join your fellow members in a phone bank? It's easy--we'll show you how it's done. Check out the opportunities in the sidebar!
About 190 Democrats registered to come to our PV Democrats Annual Picnic. Ted Lieu returned as our keynote speaker and installed the new PV Dems Board of Directors. We are still working on getting our official photos posted, but click on the photo to see some random snapshots. If you have a favorite photo from the event to post, please sent it to us!

Supporters of Al Muratsuchi for State Assembly, including many members of the PV Democrats, met for Al's campaign kick-off at his new headquarters in Torrance. If you want to suport Al, visit his website at http://www.alforassembly.com/.

Members of the PV Democrats joined with Beach Cities Dems and South Bay Cares to hold phone banks. This one was hosted by Audrey in Hermosa Beach. To learn more about joining, click here. Click the photo to see more pics from the event.

Members of the PV Democrats were among those hosting a fund raiser for Assemblyman Al Muratsuchi, who is facing another difficult race to hold the CA AD66 seat. Click the photo to see more pics from the event.

Several of our members attended the March for Life on March 24 in the Beach Cities. Click on the photo to see some of our favorite signs.

Kevin de Leon visited our club for our February 2018 meeting. Click on the photo to see more images.

Many of your fellow PVP Democrats attended the Women's March on January 20, 2018 in both Los Angeles and in Redondo Beach. We've collected many of our favorite photos of signs. Visit the PV Dems photo gallery by click here.

Races to flip the House and to capture 4 local Republican held House seats are in full swing. Members attended a Meet & Greet with Wendy Reed, who is running to replace Kevin McCarthy in the 23rd CD. Click here for more info.
This month's newsletter has been posted on this website. You can always find current and past newsletters by navigating from the Main Menu > Club Info, or by clicking here.

The 2018 California Democrats State Convention took place on Feb 23-25 in San Diego. Many of your PVPDems were there. Candidates to replace Jerry Brown were positioning themselves for a run at the governor's office. To read a report on last year's event, click here to see a report on the proceedings.

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Posts are opportunities for individual members to display news and opinions that they find interesting about what's happening in the world. If you agree, or disagree, leave a comment at the bottom of the post. Comments can be anonymous (name/email is not required).

Democratic Humor

Jared is a local RPV artist. To see more of Jared's work or to purchase art, visit his website at https://www.jaredsart.com

Thanks For Your Hard Work!

For a fascinating summary of the 2018 Midterm elections, please click here!

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Who Deserves Credit For Strong Economy??

Republicans like to tout the strong economic performance. And they like to say it's due to President Trump's economic policies. See if you can tell when President Trump was elected and when he took office based on the nation's economic performance. Click on the chart to see the answer!

ABC News reports on a flash mob at the Rancho PV Trump Resort. To see the article, click here.

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