From the Activism Chair

Ohio is having a special election on August 8 that is clearly about democracy vs autocracy; the GOP has placed an issue on the ballot to increase the threshold for passing citizen-led initiatives from a simple majority (50%+1) to over 60%.  Why? They are hoping to squelch a ballot measure for the November general election that would guarantee a woman’s right to contraceptives and reverse a trigger law that outlaws abortion.

How can you help? Volunteer with Ohio Democrats!

Some voters are unaware of the special election, we need to get the Democratic & Independent vote out to Vote NO on Issue 1:

Donate: They need at least 11 million

Phone Bank Links:

Call for Change:


Vote Forward Letters: and sign up for Ohio campaign.  After August 8th, please sign up for their other campaigns in Virginia and Kentucky.

Postcard: To help, go to Postcards To Voters, text “join” to Abby the text bot at 484-275-2229, or email  Or, contact Jane Ho 424 603 9818.

After August 8th, PV Dems Activism will focus on the statewide elections in Virginia and Governor Beshear’s re-election in Kentucky,  Fun fact, since 2003, whichever party wins the gubernatorial race in Kentucky wins the Presidency the following year.

For variety of volunteer opportunities visit Grassroots Dems HQ

Any questions?

Always feel free to reach out to me.

PV Democrats Activism Chair