From the Activism Chair


We defied history in the Midterm Elections, there was no shellacking of Democrats. We gained a Senate seat in Pennsylvania!  Thanks to all of you who contributed club dues that went to key Senate, House, and local campaigns, participated in campaigns, and helped cure ballots in the aftermath of Election Day. 


All 3 Democratic Endorsed Candidates appear won their races. Congratulations to Paul Seo, RPV City Council, Dr. Sara Dean and Ami Gandhi PVPUSD Board.  Thanks-you to all the Activists that contributed to their success by distributing door hangers, displaying lawn signs and making phone calls. 

Karen Bass won her City of Los Angeles Mayoral Race.

BUT: Activism doesn’t end on Nov. 8th:

Run-off Race between Sen. Raphael Warnock (D-Ga.) and Republican Herschel Walker is scheduled for Dec. 6th.  Neither candidate cleared 50 percent required in Georgia to win the November 8th election.  Winning this will ensure a Democratic majority of + 1 in the Senate.

Why Warnock Winning his Senate Seat is so critical: 

  1. No power sharing – Dems have a majority on all committees, meaning that legislative process and judicial confirmation process goes faster without republicans blocking. This is crucial to combat right wing extremism in the courts.
  2. Limit the obstructionism of Krysten Synema and Joe Manchin
  3. Subpoena power
  4. Protects senate majority in event that a senator passes away or Synema/Manchin switch parties
  5. Frees up VP Harris for other work since she no longer needs to be a tie breaker in the senate
  6. Georgia voters should be represented by a senator who will fight for them (i.e. the $2000 check that Warnock helped push through once he won)
  7. Higher likelihood to pass bills like John Lewis Voting rights act, George Floyd police reform act, Codifying Roe, bring back and expand child tax credit
  8. Warnock is a true bipartisan. He has worked across the aisle to get legislation passed, i.e. designating I-14 as a high priority core door to boost economy and reduce congestion in the Inflation Reduction Act
  9. This is a 6 year appointment! It could ensure another democratic seat in the senate for another 6 years and 2024 will be a hard senate map to win
  10. Values and personal character are important in our leaders
  11. The appointment of federal judges.

Some Actions you can take–Participate in Phone Banks and Letter Writing campaigns. Click on one of the icons to join:

I wish to thank everyone for their activism.
PV Dems Activism Chair