From the Activism Chair

Let’s talk about WISCONSIN’S SUPREME IMPORTANCE. The State Supreme Court race will determine the ideological control of the Court. One crucial seat is opening up on the bench with a Conservative Judge’s retirement. Conservatives currently hold a 4-3 majority on the Court. The GOP gerrymandered control of Wisconsin, and the state Supreme Court upheld obviously unfair district maps. The stakes of this race are incredibly high. This race will shape voting rights, fair legislative maps and access to abortion.

Many key decisions such as banning absentee drop boxes and the current legislative maps were determined on 4-3 vote. This race will determine the balance of power in the court until 2025. Judges are elected for 10-year terms.

This election will have a large impact on the 2024 Presidential election, from creating fair maps to protecting the right to vote in this battleground state.

Wisconsin has one of the most restrictive abortion laws in the country from 1849. The court has not ruled on it so this race will likely have a large effect on abortion access.

The primary is February 21st. There are 4 candidates running in this non-partisan race, the two highest vote getters will run in the April 4 election. The 2 Democrats running are Everett Mitchell and Janet Protasiewicz,   Jennifer Dorow and Daniel Kelly are far-right Republicans both appointed to Judicial positions by Scott Walker.

I encourage members of the Club to consider reoccurring donations to Wisconsin Dems at

And VOLUNTEER!!! There are opportunities to phone bank, text and post card.

Activism is an ongoing process, doesn’t end after Midterms.

Thank you all for all you do!

Caryl Schwartz
PV Dems Activism Chair