State of the Club

By Connie Sullivan —

Every year the president of the club is charged with reporting on the state of the club. I can report that the state of the club is thriving, as evidenced by the fact that we have one of the largest clubs in the 66th Assembly District.

I believe the reason for this success is that our programs are consistently the best in the region.  Most clubs have regular business meetings with dry reports from their officers and from local elected officials.  Our club leaves the business up to the board and puts on quality programming that appeals to Democrats in our area.  It’s not easy getting quality subject matter experts without a budget for honoraria.  But our program chair does a great job in that area.

But we’re not always serious; we have an annual picnic that is about having a good time socially with other local like-minded Democrats where we also honor our local elected Democrats that many people don’t even know are Democrats (e.g., city council members, school board trustees, etc.)

We recognized that we were not doing much in the campaigning arena. So, in the last couple of years we beefed up our activism participation by appointing an activism chair who decides which races we should be assisting and which organization to partner with to achieve that end.

While the state of the club is healthy, we can always do more.  We’re going to be launching an initiative to reach out to local Democrats and bring them into the fold.  More information will be forthcoming about this initiative in a future report.

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