From the Activism Chair

By Caryl Schwartz —

Democracy prevailed over autocracy in Ohio’s special election.  57% voted NO on Issue 1.  Thank you to all that volunteered, donated, phone banked, texted, wrote letters and post cards — victory would not have been possible without your work.  However, the work in Ohio is not done. In Ohio’s November general election voters will choose whether to enshrine abortion rights and women’s right to contraceptives into the State Constitution.

PV Dems is partnering with CADEM and other South Bay Democratic Clubs in CA 27 to ensure that voters in the district understand that Republican Mike Garcia votes against their best interests.  He is the ONLY Republican Congressman in LA County and it’s time to send him packing. Join us and help make calls to voters in the district and educate them about who Garcia really is – a Trump Republican!

Virginia:  It’s critical that we now focus on Virginia.  140 State Legislative seats will determine the future of reproductive rights, gun safety legislation and healthcare.  The Republicans currently control both the Executive Branch and the House of Delegates.  The GOP only needs to flip two State Senate seats for a trifecta. That is why I encourage our members to volunteer and donate to Democratic candidates in Virginia.  The goal is to reverse GOP dominance in the House of Delegates and maintain a majority in the State Senate.

If the Republicans do flip the Senate in November, Governor Youngkin would be under immense pressure to enact an aggressively conservative agenda, especially given his presidential ambitions, which could be boosted by a series of conservative policy victories in the state.

Kentucky:  The biggest race in Kentucky is not the Derby. It is the reelection bid by the state’s Democratic Governor Andy Beshear, which will be the focus of national attention in November. Republicans have supermajorities in the state legislature and Beshear is the lone remaining Democrat in a statewide office. The race also serves as a bellwether for 2024, when control of the Senate will hinge on popular Democratic incumbents facing tough reelection battles in states like Ohio and Montana, which are less red than Kentucky.  Fun Fact:  Since 2003, whichever party wins the gubernatorial race in Kentucky wins the Presidency the following year.

Utah:  Kathleen Riebe is running in Utah’s Special Election for Congressional Seat, District 2 on November 21.  This is an opportunity for Democrats to pick up a Congressional seat.  Kathleen is currently the minority whip in the state Senate, and beat a Republican incumbent for her seat.

How you can get involved:

For variety of volunteer opportunities, visit Grassroots Dems HQ

Call for Change:  Sunday phonebanks 3-5pm

Voter Registration:  Field Team 6

Write Vote Forward Letters: and sign up for Virginia or Kentucky campaigns.

Postcard:  To help, go to Postcards To Voters, text “join” to Abby the text bot at 484-275-2229.

Remember every campaign needs money, so please donate if you can.

“It takes a Village” and together we can win the Virginia Statehouse, Beshear’s gubernatorial race and wouldn’t it be incredible for Democrat Kathleen Riebe to win Utah’s 2nd District Congressional seat?

Thank you for all you do!

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