Color Me a Democrat – August 2023

By Fraser Perkins —

Last month I asked you to call out Republican mischief when they trample on choice, gun control, and the environment.  This month I will follow my own advice and look at what I consider are winning issues for Democrats.  Until the general election in November 2024, under the rubric of “Color Me a Democrat”, I’ll look at one issue per month and supplement my words with ChatGPT from several viewpoints – these will be clearly labelled, removing any question of origin. As a final touch I’ll include an image of a ceramic tile.  Just to spice things up a bit, I’ll devote several months to the shenanigans of the putative Republican nominee, the one and only Donald Trump.  I kick things off this month with guns.  Here’s my article…

Guns, Guns, Guns

Republicans live in a make-believe fantasy world of 1789 where the only personal firearms are front-loading muskets firing non-rifled musket balls – and a world free of mass civilian shootings.  Democrats live in the real world of 2023 with 600 mass shootings per year, usually involving assault weapons.  Solving gun violence won’t be easy but, banning assault weapons is a measure Democrats support and Republicans oppose.  Republicans, like ostriches, have their heads in the sand.  I spent four years at LA County (Big County) Hospital and saw first-hand what guns do, and how long it takes to recover.

Do two things:

  • Elect Democrats.
  • Send this to your friends who live in areas not represented by Democrats in Congress and the state level.  We are fortunate to live in an area where all federal and state elected officials are on board with rational gun laws.


ChatGPT Voices:

 A six-year-old

Big guns hurt people.


Oh, weapons of assault, how deadly and cruel,

Your bullets tear through flesh and bone with ease,

Your purpose to harm, and to kill, a tool

Of violence and terror, that none should please.

Your power is not to protect, but to harm,

To instill fear and cause destruction wide,

Your use can only bring about alarm,

And bring about pain that will not subside.

Let us lay down these weapons of despair,

And choose a path of peace and harmony,

For only then can true safety be near,

And lives be lived without such fear.

May we embrace a world without such guns,

And work towards a future where love wins.


Assault weapons, deadly machines,

Designed to shatter bones and dreams,

Spray bullets at a rapid pace,

Leaving devastation in their wake,

No place to hide, no place to run,

Their lethality is second to none,

Enough is enough, let’s take a stand,

And remove them from our land.

Next month I’ll review “The Road to Misogyny” that Republicans have created, courtesy of former President Trump, Judge Kacsmaryk, and the Supremes (SCOTUS).

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