Palos Verdes Democrats Board of Directors

Your Palos Verdes Democrats is managed by a volunteer board of directors.  The incoming board members for the 2022-2023 year were ratified at our June 2022 meeting and sworn in at our July 2022 Annual Picnic:

Board Position 2022-23 Board
President Connie Sullivan
1st Vice-President Carrie Hart
2nd Vice-President Ann Nye
Recording Secretary Casey Crowe
Corresponding Secretary Ann Stahl
Treasurer Al Shadbourne
Parliamentarian Carol Moeller
Membership (Position Vacant)
Publicity Allison Phillips
Newsletter Editor Nancie Silver
Webmaster Reggie Jue
LACDP Associate Jon Munoz
Hospitality Kathy Bradford
Activism Caryl Schwartz
Immediate Past President Kathy Bradford