5 Members of the PV Democrats Running for Delegates

Palos Verdes Democrats President, Kathy Bradford, and members Tony Hale, Andrew DeBlock, Jon Munoz and Timothy Beyer are running to represent the 66th Assembly District as delegates to the California Democratic Party Central Committee.  Tony, our current 66th AD eBoard representative, is also running to retain that seat.

Tony, Kathy and Andrew are running on a slate dedicated to building a better Democratic Party, Timothy is running on a People Over Profits slate, and Jon is running on the Aviators and Sneakers Slate.  We are aware of 4 candidate slates.  Please let us know if you are on another slate not listed.  Click on one of the images below to see a full-size image of each slate.  You do not need to vote for a full slate!

For a full list of candidates.  To see the full official list of candidates and their Candidate Statements, go to the CADEM website by clicking here.

Name EBoard (*) Self-Identified Female (SIF)
Other than SIF (OSIF)
66 Tony Hale (Member PV Dems) * OSIF
66 Ben Tarzynski No OSIF
66 Susan Goodlerner No SIF
66 Anil Muhammed No OSIF
66 Cathy Familathe No SIF
66 Kathleen Bradford (Member PV Dems) No SIF
66 Alyssa T Watanabe No SIF
66 John C Nelson Jr No OSIF
66 Rachel Pearl Bracker No SIF
66 Tony Salvaggio No OSIF
66 Amy Howorth No SIF
66 Michael Hobbs No OSIF
66 Lorraine E Geittmann No SIF
66 Peter E Aziz No OSIF
66 Andrew DeBlock (Member PV Dems) No OSIF
66 Mark E. Henderson No OSIF
66 Thithien Cao Nguyen * OSIF
66 R.G. Wong No SIF
66 Katherine Venn No SIF
66 Dina Sayegh Doll * SIF
66 Jon E. Munoz (Member PV Dems) No OSIF
66 Ashley Tull No SIF
66 Elsa Gerard No SIF
66 Allen Kirschenbaum No OSIF
66 Vinnie Malcolm No OSIF
66 Richard H. Huynh No OSIF
66 Brian Carolus * OSIF
66 Bill Reynolds No OSIF
66 Kathleen Paralusz No SIF
66 Sara H. Deen No SIF
66 Susan Brooks No SIF
66 Adam Schwartz * OSIF
66 Jimmy Gow No OSIF
66 Kenia Itzel Tello * SIF
66 Jane Affonso No SIF
66 Brian Huang No OSIF
66 Timothy Beyer (Member PV Dems) * OSIF
66 Nicolas Gardner Serna No OSIF
66 Marium Navid No SIF
66 Alexander Clark * OSIF
66 Dianne Wallace * SIF
66 Argentina Rodriguez No SIF
66 Courtney Jerome Williams No OSIF

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