Tony Hale for 2021 Delegate and eBoard

Re-Elect Tony Hale to build a stronger Democratic Party.

Tony Hale and his slate of delegates helped fight and win our victory in 2020. Now it’s time to build on success.

Tony Hale doesn’t just talk about progressive values, he has established them in the Party. As Chair of the Los Angeles County Democratic Party’s Resolutions Committee and Co-Chair of the State Party’s Resolution committee, Tony Hale has developed and furthered our Party’s commitment to progressive values.

Tony Hale has secured our party’s commitment to:

  • Opposing fracking and reducing the threat of destructive climate change
  • Supporting universal health care
  • Preserving a our local environment and removing toxins from our food, air and water
  • Raising the minimum wage and protecting the rights of working people
  • Demanding reforms in policing
  • Supporting teachers and public education
  • Defending the rights of women, people of color and the LGBTQ community
  • Increasing our commitment to reduce homelessness especially among our veterans
  • Calling for an end to the death penalty
  • Promoting the humane treatment of animals
  • And, much more

A former chair of the Environmental Caucus, Tony Hale is one of the few environmentalist who has stopped 34 oil wells from being drilled. He ran and won the campaign to stop oil drilling on our coast in Hermosa Beach.

Tony Hale has made the Democratic Party more democratic. He fought to reduce the influence of powerful insiders and their ability to game the endorsement process. The reason why we are voting for 14 Delegates today is because Tony negotiated for more Delegates from the grassroots. He voted for changes to the Party’s Super Delegate system, and new policies that protect all members of the party from intimidation and mistreatment. Tony has made sure the California Democratic Party represents our values of inclusiveness and equality.

Tony Hale is endorsed by Congressman Ted Lieu, Senator Ben Allen, Assemblymember Al Muratsuchi, Los Angeles County Democratic Party Chair Mark Gonzales and Vice Chair Sergio Carrillo, the Progressive Democratic Club and the Muslim Democratic Club of Southern California.

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