Jon Munoz for 2021 Delegate

I am Jon Munoz, running as for Delegate for California’s 66th District. During the past 18 months I have been involved in a number of political volunteer efforts. I have phone banked for the Pete Buttigieg for President campaign. I also did a number of canvassing days for that campaign in Manhattan Beach, Santa Monica and Torrance among other places. I’ve also been involved in phone banking and letter writing for the Biden/Harris campaign and current Georgia Senate runoffs. Currently I am currently working on fundraising efforts with Equality Georgia. I am a member of the Palos Verdes Democrats Club and Invisible South Bay LA.

My work experience, in both the Entertainment and Aviation world, has taking me all over the world. This experience has given me a unique window into differing attitudes toward the US as well as different work and social policies.

I am excited to see the changes in our nation over the next four years over the past four years. I look forward to being a Delegate and in particular working on pro-equality and racial justice issues.

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