Mary Meade

July 9, 2019 pvpadmin 0

We are saddened to report that long-time member of the PV Democrats, Mary Meade, has passed away.  Mary lost her battle with colon cancer June […]

Impeach Trump Rally

June 15, 2019 pvpadmin 0

MoveOn organized national set of rallies called “Act to Defend Democracy” on June 15, 2019.  In the South Bay, the rally took place at the […]

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Fake National Emergency Presidents Day Protest

March 19, 2019 pvpadmin 0

What better way to celebrate President’s Day, February 18th, then to speak out against President Trump’s declaration of a “FAKE” national emergency concerning illegal immigration and drug trafficking at the southern border. Here in the South Bay, at the corner of Sepulveda and Hawthorne, many of us walked to say NO to Trump’s Fake Crisis, NO to his racist border wall, NO to xenophobia, and NO to HATE.

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Los Angeles County Voting Center Community Meeting

March 19, 2019 pvpadmin 0

A Los Angeles County-Voting Center Community Meeting was held at SBCC Thrive LA in Wilmington on Jan. 5. The event was one of 33 voting center community meetings held from November 2018 through January 2019 in Los Angeles County. The overall project is named Voting Solutions for All People (VSAP}.

The main purpose of this open meeting was to inform L.A. County voters of a new voting system and infrastructure to be implemented in the 2020 election year, beginning with the March Primary.