From the Activism Chair–April 2024

By Caryl Schwartz

Our American Democracy is at stake!  The results of the 2024 election depend upon our combined efforts to fight authoritarianism, racism, antisemitism, transphobia, and more. To fortify our Democracy from the threats of authoritarianism our grassroots activism requires a multi-pronged approach.  

Let’s aim for a Democratic trifecta. Reelect Biden, expand the Democratic majority in the Senate, flip the House of Representatives.  California Congressional races are a strategic part of the roadmap to control of the House.  If we focus our efforts on toss-up seats we lost in California in 2020 – CA 13, CA 22, CA 27, CA 41, CA 47 – we stand a good chance of flipping the House.   Adam Gray is running in District 13, Central Valley. he lost to Republican John Duarte by only 574 votes.  Putting our efforts into that race makes flipping that seat very doable.  As Democrats we need to get excited and engaged early in the Congressional, Senatorial and Presidential races.

To expand the Senate, we must win toss-up seats in Arizona, Montana, and Ohio.  Michigan, Nevada, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin are critical battleground states that must all go Democratic.  If you have dollars to donate, I strongly suggest contributing to any of these Senatorial campaigns – Ruben Gallego, Arizona; John Tester, Montana; Sherrod Brown, Ohio; Elissa Slotkin, Michigan; and Colin Allred, running for Ted Cruz’s seat in Texas.

Canvassing and phone banking are the most effective means to increase voter turnout. Statistically voter turnout escalates by 4% with voter-to-voter contact.  Our phone banking and canvassing efforts for Congressional races will begin in April.  When we phone bank and canvass, we call on Democrats and Independents.  George Whitesides, CA 27 will be one of our first Congressional phone banks and additionally we plan on carpooling to canvass together in Orange County.

Currently PV Dems is phone banking in Ohio for a petition to end gerrymandering in that state.  For information visit

A shoutout to all the volunteers that walked and phone banked for Torrance City Council races.  Your work made the difference!

Ride the Blue Wave 2024,


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