May Meeting Report – Get Activated: How You Can Make A Difference

By Nancie Silver —

The Palos Verdes Democrats met in person and on Zoom on Sunday, May 21.  Five speakers shared their inspiration and experience about becoming active in issues important to them.  The speakers were John Pickhaver, Tanya Taylor, Paul DiCarmine, Kylie Murdoch, and Kay Jue and you can read more about their backgrounds at  If you missed the May 21 meeting, I encourage you to watch the presentations, as well as the interesting Q & A that followed.

I found each of their stories engaging and recognized that what they all share is that they were moved by something in their lives, and they took a first step to do something about it. They didn’t know where that first step would lead, and they didn’t know if they would be successful.  But they allowed themselves to be inspired to act and they learned as they went along.  We are all capable of doing good in the world, and I encourage each of you to continue to be involved in whatever capacity you can.

For more information about some of the topics discussed at the May meeting, see the links below –

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