May PV Dems Meeting Announcements and More

By Ann Nye —

NOTE:  A video of the meeting can be seen after this article.  Some video times are annotated within the article.

In my absence, Carol Moeller, PV Dems Parliamentarian, introduced our first in-person and hybrid Zoom meeting on May 15, 2022 at the Peninsula Center Library.  Carol welcomed some of the new faces we met at the Malaga Cove “Bans Off Our Bodies Protest” on Saturday, May 14.  Photos from the rally can be seen on our website here.

Carol introduced the meeting’s theme and agenda:  California is “Accelerating Conservation of California’s Nature” with Governor Newsom’s 2020 Executive Order to fight against climate change and advance biodiversity conservation.  This strategy recognizes that climate change destabilizes our ecosystems and communities, and conservation protects our ecosystems, builds climate resilience, and is essential for the growth of our communities.

The fight against climate change hasn’t decelerated the Republicans with their spew of misinformation about fossil fuels, but perhaps the Supreme Court’s threat of reversing Roe v Wade will galvanize the voters to vote for supporters of abortion and reproductive rights.  The Democrats have missed opportunities to embody a women’s right to choose in our legislation and ultimately in our constitution.

In today’s meeting we will hear from Dr Jennifer Norris, Deputy Secretary for Biodiversity and Habitat at the California Natural Resources Agency and the leader of California’s 30×30 initiative, and author Kevin O’Leary on the Republican’s blind loyalty to a leader of an attempted coup d’état.

03:40  Connie Sullivan, PV Dems 1st VP and former President, announced that her fundraiser for Paul Seo, who is running for RPV City Council, is on June 11, noon to 2pm, and Adam Schiff will be the keynote speaker at the fundraiser.

04:46  The PV Dems will have a booth at the Palos Verdes Street Fair on Sat and Sun, June 11 and 12.  We know there will be a conflict with the Paul Seo Fundraiser and PV Dems June 12 meeting, but with enough volunteers, we are confident we can do it all.  The good news is that our June 12 meeting is in walking distance from the fair, so hopefully we can encourage folks to walk over.

06:05  Here’s a preview of future PV Dems Meetings – please SAVE the DATES

June 12, 2022 – CA Primary Results, Water Restrictions and More

In person meeting at the Peninsula Center Library Community Room and hybrid Zoom meeting

Featured Speakers:

    • Tony Hale, Beach Cities Democrats President, to speak on Torrance City Council results
    • Sergio Carrillo, LACDP Vice Chair, to speak on Los Angeles and California Primary results
    • Harold Williams, West Basin Municipal Water District, and Rob Katherman, Water Replenishment District, will address water restrictions

 July 17, 2022 – Annual Picnic and Board Installation

On the lawn of St Luke’s Presbyterian Church, 26825 Rolling Hills Rd, RHE, 5-7pm.  The event will include food, entertainment and a host of speakers.

08:20  Election of PV Dems Board of Directors – All members were mailed out the slate and were given a chance to nominate others.  Votes were counted via in-person and virtual raised hands and the election was unanimous in favor of the slate of electors. 

12:12  Connie Sullivan, elected member to the CA Democratic Central Committee, spoke about the LACDP 2022 endorsement process.  Here are links to the LACDP Endorsements and Voters Edge ballot information.  You can also see a compilation of the LACDP endorsements on our website.

18:25  On the LA Superior Court Judge discussion, Judge Tom Long said for Seat 3, Sherilyn Peace Garnett was just confirmed as a Federal Judge a few days ago.  Tom said it’s a three way race and by voting for her, it lets the Governor fill her position if she wins.  Judge Long feels it is important to have more diversity with our judges and to vote for judges who are not always District Attorneys.

24:33  Allison Phillips introduced the LWV of Palos Verdes Peninsula virtual program, Climate 101 and Upcoming State & Local Environmental Legislation on May 21, 1:30pm-3pm, with speakers from the Climate Reality Project Los Angeles.  The Climate Reality Project is a non-profit founded by former Vice President Al Gore.

26:40  Umesh Ketkar presented the Swing Left South Bay LA and ISBLA 2022 priorities, phone banks, canvassing, and letter writing opportunities.

Here is the PV Dems April Treasurers report from Treasurer Al Shadbourne:



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