November President’s Report

By Kathy Bradford —

Only a few days left until election day, and so much has happened this month at PV Democrats.  We distributed doorhangers, Biden lawn signs and window signs.  We took in and distributed campaign election funds, worked phonebanks, and held an information packed Zoom meeting.  If you missed our October meeting, please enjoy reading about it in the November Newsletter.

If you still haven’t voted, there is guidance and information for you on our web site. See the list of Los Angeles County Democratic Party endorsed candidates, including judges, propositions, and local candidates, on our web page of voting guidance,  You can find a link to the California ballot tracker on this page also.

I posted my ballot at the RPV City Hall ballot box on a Sunday and Ballottrax notified me that it was accepted the following Thursday via email with the “I Voted” icon.

To check out what’s on your ballot, your voter registration and your polling place – go to League of Women Voters website, or LA County Registrar’s website,  You can find links to these sites and more voting information at

There are also phonebanks continuing through November 2nd. Get links to the LACDP presidential phonebanks, Sister District state campaigns phonebanks, or Field Team 6 phonebanks in battleground states on our home page,

If you’re envious of your neighbor’s lawn sign, you can still get your own delivered to your door at  (You might need it in four years as well).  Also call if you need a replacement – Reggie Jue’s was stolen after only five hours on the lawn, two I placed on Silver Spur are gone, and another member’s sign was stolen and then returned a few days later after they posted a shaming sign.

On October 17th , many of us joined the local Women’s March event (hosted by Kim Rhodes), near Palos Verdes Estates City Hall, in solidarity with the Women’s March rallies across the country.   We gathered for equality, tolerance, kindness, choice and to honor and remember Ruth Bader Ginsberg.  See pictures of the many clever signs displayed there in Ann Nye’s article at

PV Dems donations received prior to October 5th were disbursed to the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee (DSCC) to support the effort to turn the Senate blue in 2021.  We chose to contribute $3500 to the DSCC after discussing nine different Senate campaigns we want to flip blue.  DSCC can best determine which ones need the funding the most.  We also chose to send a $200 donation to Brave New Films, that supplied the film Suppressed 2020 that we aired at our October meeting.  If you missed it, a link to the film and coverage of producer Robert Greenwald’s comments are in the November Newsletter.

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  1. Very nice presentation. Made me sorry I didn’t join the Women’s March. Hope there is another one in Jan. Nice format. Good way to participate and/or find out what went on if you couldn’t attend. Good job, Ann.

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