PV Democrats May 2024 Meeting Report

—By Nancie Silver

The Palos Verdes Democrats met in person at the Peninsula Center Library and on zoom on Sunday, May 19. The theme of the meeting was How Politico is Covering the 2024 Presidential Race, featuring guest speaker Julia Marsh who was recently chosen to head up Politico’s California operation as Editorial Director for California. She is the top editor overseeing Politico’s ambitious expansion in the nation’s most populous state and the world’s fifth largest economy. Julia spoke to the club remotely via Zoom.

Julia began by speaking about California congressional races. She referenced a recent Politico article about why California races may be more difficult than expected. (House control could hinge on California. Why Dems don’t have it locked down. ) Traditionally democratic voters – Latinos, Blacks, Asian-Americans, and young voters – are now voting more along economic and gender lines than ethnic lines.

Next, Julia discussed Politico’s coverage throughout California, which has increased since last year. They had eight reporters last year and now have 22 reporters, mainly in Sacramento, Los Angeles, and the Bay area. She has been pleasantly surprised by how much California readers care about policy as well as politics; she thinks it’s because California is a leader on so many issues, such as climate, green energy, and data privacy.

Julia spoke about how Politico really strives to be non-partisan because presenting objective, fact-checked journalism is important for public trust. Digital journalism is its core mission, with its focus being politics, policy, and power.  The organization is cautious about expansion and growth into other formats but does try to keep up with the times.

The question-and-answer format of the meeting was interesting, with a range of topics raised.  Watch the 35-minute video of the meeting to hear her thoughts on these questions:

  • What can the mainstream press do to NOT normalize the lies, and to get accurate information to the public?
  • How does Politico report and use polls?
  • How has Politico been covering the student protests in California and New York?
  • What metrics do you track?
  • Shouldn’t journalism focus on democracy?
  • How does Politico report a story that another new organization breaks first?
  • How is Politico funded?

To see our meeting charts, please click here.

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