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A Donald Trump Photo Essay


A new year, an election year, and time for a new project. I decided to make a YouTube channel entitled “The Trump Follies” dealing with the likely Republican nominee, Donald Trump, using facts and photos sprinkled with occasional humor.  I’ve finished four episodes with more to follow…to see Click; comments welcome…

Episode 1 President Trump and Hunter Biden.  A guide for discussing Hunter Biden.

Episode 2 A Photo Essay on Donald Trump.  The article below covers some of this episode.

Episode 3 Trump and the Military.  Trump has denigrated our military in a way most of us abhor.

Episode 4 Climate Change.  Quite a bit longer, this episode shows how Climate Change threatens each state. 

Going forward I want Episode 5 to be along the lines of “Trump and Women” documenting the misogynistic behavior of Donald Trump, culminating in the SCOTUS decision overturning Roe v Wade.  

But to do this I need your help!  

Please send me, flperkins@gmail.com, relevant historical material, facts, articles, links, and insights documenting Donald Trump and women.  Once I have a first draft, I will send it out to everyone who participates for editing.  I also need appropriate royalty-free background music to run during the episode.  To state the obvious, this has relevancy beyond the confines of the South Bay Area, but I believe, as Rick Wilson emphasized at our January Meeting, we must all pool our resources to ensure 45 47.  

(As an aside this is one of my favs for potential bumper stickers.)

Thanks in advance to all of you who participate in this episode.

A Photo Essay

It appears that as of this writing, in January 2024, Donald Trump will indeed be the Republican nominee for president.  Many have written of the anticipated horrors of a second Trump Presidency, but I highly recommend the January – February edition of The Atlantic for an in-depth dissection of the consequences of a Trump victory.  Rather than a written essay, this month I submit “A Donald Trump Photo Essay”.

First, I present Donald Trump the Autocrat…along with Xi and Putin.

One of the most distressing aspects of Donald Trump is the failure of the Republican Party to condemn his threat to our democracy.  The tile below summarizes the GOP situation.  With the exception of Chris Christie, the GOP has tip-toed past Trump’s illegal behavior – in so doing they have trapped all their presidential candidates in Trump’s web of lies, cheating, theft, and bullying. 

Next, we have Donald Trump the stalwart offender against democracy and the Bill of Rights.

Donald Trump is reputed to dislike vegetables, yet there is at least one vegetable that fits him perfectly, a “best in class” onion.  The disarticulated GOP elephant in the R lower corner symbolizes the anxiety expressed by some heavy-hitter GOP pooh-bahs.

But, we must give Donald Trump credit for joining the exclusive club of…worst presidents.  Ask ten historians who the worst presidents were, and you’ll get 11 answers; but one can make a strong case for numbers 10, 13, 14, 15, 17, 29 and of course 45.

It’s truly a SCREAM!!

And now, a defining feature/failure of the Trump Presidency:  COVID.

During the initial dark hours of WWII President Roosevelt worked tirelessly to turn the tide by inspiring and motivating the country to rise up and surmount the defining challenge of the 20th Century.  By contrast, Trump ignored the advice of medical experts and deliberately downplayed the threat of COVID to the American people.  Over 1,000,000 of our fellow Americans died during the pandemic…  

To mark this catastrophic failure I present Donald Trump, Fox and RFK Jr. downplaying COVID.


When police in China investigate an issue, they often invite the involved individuals in for “tea” …followed by suppression, imprisonment or worse.  

While President Trump denied and downplayed COVID, the Chinese government stonewalled and failed to allow the UN to conduct an open, unfettered COVID investigation.  The UN wilted before Chinese intransigence.  By spouting fringe theories, RFK Jr. added to vaccine mistrust and may flake off some Democratic votes in November, facilitating a possible Trump victory.  And then there is Fox News which bears some responsibility for vaccine mistrust…to the detriment of Americans everywhere.  Over 1 million Americans died from the pandemic, yet there is no tidal wave of public support for robust protection against the next pandemic.  It’s just the opposite.  Anti-vaxxers are gearing up to roll back vaccine requirements for other diseases long felt to be extinguished.  What’s the goal?  Measles, whooping cough, and chickenpox in our schools?  This is public health madness ☹☹☹☹☹

I end with Donald Trump “dropping” MAGA on us, threatening to upend American democracy.

The “moon” represents the Republican Party complicitly condoning Trump’s anti-democratic behavior.  Wink, wink, wink, everything will be A-OK…except that we’re not “ok.”

Democracies appear to be inherently unstable.  Eventually elites gain power, entrench themselves, and restrict power sharing, leading to rigged elections, as we’ve  seen in Hungary, Russia and elsewhere.

Thanks for your time.

As always, I invite you to pass this along…


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