LACDP Report

By Jon Munoz —

The LACDP meeting was held on Tuesday, September 13.  A large part of the meeting was spent on updating the status of various labor issues.  The advancement of a bill mandating a statewide minimum wage of $25 per hour for nurses was key among them.  The labor committee reaffirmed its support for SAG, WGA and SEIU during their current strikes.  Support for an increase in minimum wage for fast food workers and a planned action at Kaiser-Permanent also were noted.  On the legislative front, two  bills that were approved for endorsement have already been approved by the California Senate.  AB 316 requires in-person supervision of autonomous vehicles over 10,000 pounds and SB 403 prohibits discrimination based on caste.  AB 316 was not signed by Governor Newsom; SB 403  still awaits his signature.

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