From the Activism Chair

By Caryl Schwartz —

In Ohio, there is a Republican initiative in August in advance of the November election that would change the threshold for passing a ballot referendum from the current simple majority to 60%.  We need to prevent the August vote from passing to ensure a ballot initiative restoring abortion rights in Ohio passes this November.

In Virginia, the State Legislature has 140 seats on the ballot.  Currently the Republicans control the Executive branch and the House of Delegates.  We have to flip 5 seats Blue in House of Delegates and maintain a majority in the State Senate to prevent Republicans from voting against Women’s Reproductive Rights and Gun Safety Legislation –

For those who like phone banking with others you are welcome to join me Mondays, starting June 25th @ 2:15 PM at my house and Thursday’s at 2:15 PM.  Learn more about all of this by clicking the Activism Tab.

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