Climate Corner March 2023 – Who is the Swamp?

By Fraser Perkins —

Donald Trump wishes to “drain the swamp” yet in my view he is the swamp.  When the “swamp” is drained, it should be clear to all but the Trump wing of the Republican Party, that he is responsible for much of the deceit, lying, and conflicts of interest that have weakened our democracy.  The reality Democrats see is an individual who is shameless in self-promotion, such as his selling of NFT’s of himself.  Given a chance, in my view, he would compromise the truth (as shown by the octopus arm grabbing “truth”) and would gladly sacrifice democracy’ (as shown by another arm reaching for “democracy”) in favor of a Trump autocracy.  Another casualty of Trumpism is the Republican Party itself which must choose between supporting conservative policies or supporting democracy.  One can argue that octopi don’t live in swamps, but in the ocean, but on this I agree with Emerson, “a foolish consistency is the hobgoblin of little minds.”

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