March PV Dems Meeting Announcements and More

By Ann Nye —

NOTE: A video of the meeting can be seen after this article. 

In her opening to the Palos Verdes Democrats March 19 meeting, Connie Sullivan, PV Dems President, said, “I want to welcome you on this Sunday before the week Trump is going to be arrested…. That’s according to him so take it with a grain of salt.”

Our first announcement was a remembrance of Rascha Hall by past PV Dems President Kathy Bradford.  Rascha Hall, a longtime PV Dems member who served as secretary, vice president, and president, passed away on March 7, her 83rd birthday, after a lifelong battle with lung disease.  Connie remembered when Rascha, a member of the PV Dems Nominating Committee, called her in 2009 to ask her to join the PV Dems Board as Newsletter Chairperson – “And I did join and the rest is history.”  You can read Kathy’s eulogy for Rascha in her Remembering Rascha article.

The CA Democratic State Party (CADEM) Convention – to elect new Regional Directors, adopt resolutions and begin organizing for 2024 – is back in person and in Los Angeles!  CADEM is looking for dedicated volunteers to help make this event a success.  The convention will take place May 26-28, 2023 at the JW Marriott Los Angeles L.A. LIVE and at the Los Angeles Convention Center, and over 500 volunteers are needed to assist with a wide range of tasks – registration, credentialing of convention attendees, greeting guests, or lending a hand wherever needed.  All volunteers will receive an Observer Pass to attend events (after you’ve completed your volunteer shifts) typically reserved only for credentialed delegates.  The link to sign up to volunteer is posted on our website.

The CA Democratic State Party has developed an in-person leadership development training session at the CADEM convention for people who want to train other Democrats in organizing skills such as phone banking, volunteer management, recruitment, and more using the resources and tools provided by CADEM.  Please apply before April 15th – the application is posted on our website.

In her announcement for the CADEM Celebrates California Women Making History luncheon on March 25th (before this newsletter is published), Connie let us know she is running for Regional Director at the CADEM Convention and if you are a delegate to the CADEM convention, to please vote for her.  Connie also said she endorsed Carolyn Fowler for CADEM Controller.

Two weeks before the March 8 PV Unified School District (PVPUSD) meeting, Connie learned “that there was a move afoot to try to ban a book, Too Bright To See [by Kyle Lukoff], that was read to a class of 5th graders at Vista Grande Elementary School and the subject matter was about a girl who had gender dysphoria.”  Some parents were trying to ban the book, but then realized they couldn’t since it is on the state’s recommended list for 3rd to 5th grade classes.  As a work around, this group wanted to create a different type of curriculum evaluation group with parents that had “more teeth” in prohibiting these types of books.  To support the two Vista Grande 5th grade teachers from getting disciplined and to prevent banning this book or types of books, many students, teachers, parents, city officials and even the book author’s parents showed up and spoke for almost two and a half hours during the public comment part of the agenda.  A video of the meeting can be found here.  While it is worthwhile to hear all the public comments, hear are some key timestamps in the video:  2:57:45 Kyle Lukoff’s Mother, 3:46:47 PVE Mayor Jim Roos and 5th grader son, and 4:08:10 PV Faculty Advisor Representative Jim Coleman.

Caryl Schwartz, PV Dems Activism Chair, is focused on the critical election happening April 4th for the Wisconsin State Supreme Court.  Please read Caryl’s From the Activism Chair article and go to our website’s Activism tab.

Preview the PV Dems April 16 meeting Yes in My Back Yard to Solve the Affordable Housing Crisis featuring State Senator Ben Allen and YIMBY CA Senior Director of Community Impact Konstantin Hatcher  in our Save the Date article.

A report of our featured speaker Cailey Underhill, Advocacy and Development Director of the Solar Rights Alliance, may be found in the February Meeting Report article.  At the PV Dems Board meeting on Monday, March 20, we voted to:

  • donate $100 to the Solar Rights Alliance
  • sign-on to the coalition in support of streamlined permitting for rooftop solar – the Solar Rights Alliance will be sending a letter from the coalition asking cities and counties to swiftly comply with The Solar Access Act (SB 379)
  • work on a resolution to submit to CADEM

Check out the PV Dems February Treasurer’s Report from Treasurer Al Shadbourne in his new From the Treasurer article.

Want to be more involved with PVDems?  The PV Dems Nominating Committee, consisting of Mehran Moshfeghi, Chairman, Fraser Perkins and Carrie Hart, PV Dems VP1, is identifying candidates for the 2023-24 fiscal year, beginning in July.  If you are interested in volunteering for any of the offices, please contact Carrie Hart at  Check out the current list of officers on our website.



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