PV Democrats Meetings – SAVE THE DATE

Join us for our in-person club meeting.  Our meetings start at 2:30 pm, but join us at 2:00 pm to chat with other Democrats.

We have resumed in-person meetings at the Peninsula Center Library Community Room. To ensure COVID safety, we’re asking all in-person attendees to wear an N95, KN95, or a KF94 equivalent MASK.  Zoom access will be provided to those who cannot attend in-person.  To protect attendees, we will not be serving refreshments at these meetings.

March 19, 2023 – How to Equitably Grow Rooftop Solar Everywhere for Everyone and Add Batteries

Our featured speaker, Cailey Underhill, Advocacy and Development Director of the Solar Rights Alliance, will review the net energy metering (NEM) rules adopted by CPUC in late 2022 and talk to us about how incentivizing rooftop solar and batteries is an important component to reducing our fossil fuel dependence.


April 16, 2023 – YES in My Back Yard to Solve the Affordable Housing Crisis

Our featured speakers are:

  • CA State Senator Ben Allen, SD 24, sponsor of SCA 2 – Housing Equity Through Constitutional Modernization, will speak about his path to solving homelessness as well as how his SB 54 – Plastics Pollution Producer Responsibility Act is already making a difference.  Senator Allen was first elected in 2014 and is now serving his third and final term in the State Senate.


  • Konstantin Hatcher, CA YIMBY Senior Director of Community Impact and former Obama campaign director, will talk about YIMBY’s vision for abundant, secure, and affordable housing.

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