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By Caryl Schwartz —

This month we are continuing to talk about WISCONSIN’S SUPREME IMPORTANCE.  Tuesday’s Wisconsin primary results show Democrat Janet Protasiewicz with 46% of the vote, and Republican Daniel Kelly both advancing to the General Election on April 4.  April’s general election will determine the ideological control of The Wisconsin State Supreme Court.  Should Janet Protasiewicz win the April election, it would flip the balance of the state’s highest court for at least two years.

The election will have a HUGE impact on the 2024 Presidential election; everything from creating fair maps to protecting the right to vote in this battleground state and Women’s Reproductive Rights.

The Importance of the State Supreme Court Race:

  • The Wisconsin Supreme Court’s 4-3 right-wing majority has delivered time and again for Republicans, with critical rulings banning ballot drop boxes and locking in an ironclad GOP gerrymander
  • With legal challenges to Wisconsin’s archaic 1849 criminal abortion ban winding through the courts, it’s critical we defeat the Court’s 4-3 right wing majority by electing a progressive justice committed to Women’s Reproductive Health, and the rights and freedoms of all Wisconsinites
  • Wisconsin’s gerrymandered maps could be challenged as unconstitutional after the Supreme Court election. Right-wing judges would be likely to ignore Wisconsin’s Constitution and uphold the gerrymandered maps, but with a Democratic Supreme Court majority the path to fair maps in Wisconsin could open up this year

It’s important to help in any way we can:  donate, phone bank, text, or write postcards and letters anything to help elect a Supreme Court majority prepared to put the people and the rule of law before special interests and right-wing policies.

Here’s how you can participate:

If those times or dates don’t work for you or phone banking isn’t your thing, VOLUNTEER!!!  There are opportunities to phone bank, text, and post card.  Please visit Grassroots Democratic Headquarters

Other suggested activities and links:
Write Letters to Voters with Swing Left South Bay LA · Activate America (formerly Flip the West)

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