PV Democrats Meetings – SAVE THE DATE

Join us for our in-person club meeting.  Our meeting starts at 2:30 pm, but join us at 2 pm to chat with other Democrats.

We have resumed in-person meetings at the Peninsula Center Library Community Room. To ensure COVID safety, we’re asking all in-person attendees to wear an N95, KN95, or a KF94 equivalent MASK.  Zoom access will be provided for those who cannot attend in-person.  To protect attendees, we will not be serving refreshments at this meeting.

February 19, 2023 – Michael Hiltzik’s Ruminations and 2023 Speculations

Our featured speaker, Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist Michael Hiltzik, writes a daily blog appearing on latimes.com and in the LA Times newspaper.   His last column of 2022 lists the victims of what he calls the “Big Fail.”  His most recent book, published in 2020, is Iron Empires: Robber Barons, Railroads, and the Making of Modern America.

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