News from LACDP

By Jon Munoz —

The Los Angeles County Democratic Party (LACDP) meeting was held on Tuesday January 17th.  Chris Holden, Assemblyman for the 41st District, was the special guest.  Holden highlighted legislative wins such as passage of AB 2632 (Banning solitary confinement) and AB 257 (FAST Recovery).  He announced he is running for District 5 Supervisor in 2024.  In election news, a vote was held for endorsements of Redondo Beach City Council.  Candidates vying for endorsement were Candace Nafissi and Paige Kaluderovic, both of whom gave brief speeches.  The LACDP is not endorsing either candidate, as both failed to reach the 60% threshold.  Lastly, it was announced that March 9th is the deadline for clubs to submit their charter renewal applications.

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