News from LACDP

By Jon Munoz —

The LACDP meeting was held on Tuesday, October 11.  Mark Gonzalez, LACDP Chairman, opened the meeting addressing the scandal of racist remarks by LA City Council President Nury Martinez.  While acknowledging her resignation, he also emphasized the urgency of Councilpersons Kevin DeLeon and Gil Cedillo resigning to move the city forward.

The only 2022 election votes taken were for candidate endorsements in AD 42 (Calabasas, Agoura Hills, Malibu) City Council races, all of which were approved for endorsement.

A resolution, co-sponsored by PV Dems President Connie Sullivan – among several others – was passed which called for condemning the Iranian government for Mahsa Amini’s killing, commemorating her life and saluting Iran’s protesters.

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