From the Activism Chair

Count down 11 Weeks to the Election:

Time to get Involved in any way you can, canvas phone bank, text, postcards, letters for Vote Forward, donate. Find the political engagement that works you. It’s not only Congressional & Senatorial that matter.  Local races matter. Gubernatorial races, State Attorney General & Secretary of State elections are all important in 2022 elections. Governors have the ability to VETO legislation from Republican dominated state legislatures. So, think about working on or donating to Arizona, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin Gubernatorial races.  You can volunteer to work on any candidate’s campaign anywhere in the country simply go to their website and signing up.

PV Dems is proudly sponsoring canvassing and phonebanks for Jay Chen, CA District 45.

Sign-Up to Canvas Saturdays for Jay Chen with PV Dems

10:00 AM – 1:00 PM

Fountain Valley, CA Sept. 3rd- Nov. 5th

Sign-Up to Phone Bank with PV Dems for Jay Chen, in person event

Mondays starting Sept.12- October 31, 2022

2:30 PM- 4:30 PM
THIS WEEKEND: Write Letters for Vote Forward @

Next Swing Left Elections Meeting
August 28, 2-3:30 pm
Zamperini Field

In-person meeting will be on Sunday, August 28, at Torrance Zamperini Field (3301 Airport Drive), from 2:00PM to 3:30PM. We’ll keep our regular schedule through August and September, writing letters for Jay Chen and also for multiple candidates in Arizona, including Senator Mark Kelly.  Starting in October, we’ll be writing letters every Sunday through October 30th. Sign up here to attend.

If you’d like to write letters, but can’t make the meeting, please let us know by sending an email.  We will arrange to deliver to you a set of letters, envelopes, and writing instructions.

Text bank for Arizona

There will be text banking for out-of-state volunteers on most Saturdays through Election Day. Sign up here.

If you’ve never text-banked before, see this brief training package– it’s fun and easy to do.
Text bank for Arizona


  1. Glad to see suggestions for activism. As shown in the last election, writing for Vote Forward is effective. Our household has written about 600 letters so far. They urge people to vote and are sent to registered democrats who normally do not vote. It can make a difference and is the personal touch that gets people to open the envelope – handwritten and I use interesting looking stamps.

    • Gabrielle, so glad to hear your household are involved Activists. Was you it your husband who came to the Activism Table during the picnic? Hope that you or others in your home can join us for phone banking on Monday.

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