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By Jon Munoz —

The Los Angeles County Democratic Party (LACDP) meeting took place on Tuesday July 12.  The focus of the meeting was voting for the endorsements in races that were previously not endorsed.  The most significant vote was for the endorsement of LA County Sheriff.  After 2-minute speeches by the candidates, Alex Villanueva and Robert Luna, the vote was taken with Robert Luna winning the endorsement.  Of note is that Luna received 80% of the vote over Villanueva.

In addition to the Sheriff’s race, a total of 8 other endorsement votes were taken. The most-high profile of these were the endorsements of Hydee Feldstein-Soto (LA City Attorney), Lindsey Horvath (LA Board of Supervisors – District 3) and Katy Yaroslavsky (LA City Council – District 5).  A consensus for endorsement was not reached in a few races.  Most notable of these were for Judicial Office 118, between PV Dems member Melissa Hammond (who received the top vote) and Jiyoung Carolyn Park.  Judicial Office 90, Melissa Lyons, who received the top vote in the June Primary, was endorsed.

In other endorsements the LACDP endorsed the Affordable Housing Funding and Tenant Assistance Program, which would institute a special tax on property transfers over $5 Million.  A resolution condemning Chinese genocide of Uyghurs and corporate complicity was also passed.

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