July PV Dems Meeting Announcements and More

By Ann Nye —

On July 17, the Palos Verdes Democrats held their Annual Picnic and Board Installation on the lawn of St. Luke’s Presbyterian Church in RHE.  The event’s speaker reports and video may be found in the Annual July Picnic and Board Installation newsletter article.

Here’s a preview of future PV Dems Meetings – please SAVE the DATES:

August 21, 2022 UCI Law Annual Review of the 2021-2022 Supreme Court Decisions with Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Tom Long

DUE to the rise in COVID cases, this meeting will be hosted only on Zoom.

September 18, 2022 What’s Happening With Our Schools – A Panel Discussion

Hopefully, we will be meeting in-person at the Peninsula Center Library Community Room and the meeting will also be live on Zoom.


Friendly Reminder … PLEASE renew your 2022-2023 PV Dems membership.  Our fiscal year runs from July 1 through June 30 and we depend primarily on dues to pay for vital donations to Democratic candidates, room and equipment rentals, meeting refreshments, and our annual picnic.  On our website, you can renew online or download the renewal form at:  http://pvpdemocrats.org/membership/.  Choose your membership type:

  • Individual $25/year
  • Family $40/year
  • Student $10/year

Here is the PV Dems June Treasurers report from Treasurer Al Shadbourne:



June 2022 Treasurers Report


Memberships $405.00
Misc. Donation $10.00
Picnic Donations $440.00
Stop Payment on uncashed check #288 ( Eric Garcia for Congress) $425.00
TOTAL $1,280.00


Stop Payment Bank Fee $25.00
ActBlue Fees $29.85
TOTAL $54.85

Net Contributions (Expenditures):   $1,225.15

Bank Balance May 31, 2022:   $2,187.26 ($278.05 State + $1909.21 Fed)

Bank Balance June 30, 2022:   $3,412.41 ($278.05 State + $3134.36 Fed)

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