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By Jon Munoz —

The Los Angeles County Democratic Party (LACDP) meeting took place virtually on Tuesday June 14.  The first order of business was the Mayoral endorsement.  After a brief speech from Congresswoman Karen Bass, a Yes/No vote was taken on her endorsement.  She handily won the vote to become the officially endorsed LACDP candidate for LA Mayor.  Vice-Chair Sergio Carrillo spoke about the low voter turnout but noted the success rate (99%) of LACDP endorsed candidates.  The success of the recently launched Blue 22, a LACDP initiative to help LA Democrats win all across LA County’s 88 municipalities in 2022 was noted.  To date, over $250K has been raised for all endorsed candidates.  July 1 is the deadline for application for LACDP endorsements for the November election – endorsements will be made July 12.

Presentations were provided on a couple of Ballot Measures such as the Sports Wagering measure.  No votes were taken but speakers from both sides provided their arguments.  Jose Ugarte of spoke of a measure that, among other things, would increase EV charging stations to low-income areas.

Finally, a debate took place on SB 930, a bill to increase hours for selling alcoholic beverages between 2 am and 4 am, which the legislative committee had opposed.  West Hollywood is the only LA County city included in this statewide pilot program which would allow bars to serve alcohol until 4 am.  With discussion ranging from the need for the area to be competitive to other large destination cities to the danger of more drunk drivers, a vote took place.  The results are that the LACDP will oppose the bill.

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