When you Vote, Remember Alwen!

Adapted by Carol Moeller —

On Thursday, February 24, 2022, Gwyneth Alwen Bauer passed away at the age of 79.  She was the youngest of five children.  From an early age, she was motivated by justice and self-determination with a fiery pride for her Welsh heritage.  On a lark, good friends from nursing school convinced her to travel to Boston for work.  There she met a young medical student, Reginald Alexander Bauer.  They were married in 1968, traveled to California, where Reginald had grown up, and eventually settled in Palos Verdes Estates.  After Reginald passed away in 2013, Alwen’s two great passions, after her family and friends, were gardening and politics.  Throughout her life, Alwen held a belief in transformative justice, and she took great hope in the next generation of politicians, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez in particular.  She is greatly missed by her two sons, Matthew and Andrew, and their families, as well as countless friends and family spread across two continents.

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  1. Thank you for notifying us about Alwen. She was indeed (in deed) everything mentioned and more. Yes, she will be missed.

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