Links Page – April 2022

We encourage club members to submit links of interest.  Here are interesting links submitted by our members in April.

Public ‘Duped’ About Plastics Recycling, CA Launches Investigation  Submitted by Ann Nye
In 2021, CA passed Senator Allen’s SB 343 Truth in Labeling for Recyclable Materials mandating the chasing arrows symbol can only be used if there is substantial proof that a product is not environmentally harmful.  Governor Newsom signed the bill in October.  On Thursday, 4/28/22, California Attorney General Rob Bonta announced in a news release that his office has launched “a first-of-its-kind” investigation into the fossil fuel and petrochemical industries for “their role in causing and exacerbating the global plastics pollution crisis.”  Bonta said, “For decades, the fossil fuel and petrochemical industries have promoted the myth that we can recycle our way out of the plastics pollution problem.”

Future of Media Project   Submitted by Carol Moeller.
This project is run out of Harvard University and contains several helpful indicators relating to media ownership and political donations.  Check out the corporate/individual ownership and political donations of your most trusted news sources.  You may be surprised by some of the information, i.e. one of our holdings, Vanguard, is a big investor in right-wing media.  Gotta reallocate!  Forewarned is forearmed!

News Literacy Project Submitted by Carol Moeller.
This project is brimming with thoughtful and effective ways to educate yourself and others about being intelligent consumers of news in the internet age.

Biden’s Climate Agenda Stalls, and Progressives Fume  Submitted by Fraser Perkins.
Article by Politico summarizing the status of Biden’s Agenda as of February.

California Sets Clean Energy Record  Submitted by Carol Moeller.

Redistricting news is mixed – Submitted by Fraser Perkins.
Bad News:  New York
Good News (however, some recent decisions since this article was published, were decided in favor of the Republicans):  Gerrymandering



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    Do you have a suggested list of democratic candidates to vote for in the upcoming primary (judges, sheriff, etc)? Also,I’m in the 36th district and voting for Ted Lieu, but have friends in San Pedro and they would like guidance as well. Could you send either a link or list? FYI, I was at the Women’s Rights Rally last Sunday in Malaga Cove.


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