Educating Sustainable Practices on Earth Day

By Glynn Barrish-Carroll —

Happy Earth Day to all who celebrated!

On Friday 4/22/2022, I tabled at an Earth Day Summit hosted by Recycle2Riches with ten to twelve other eco and sustainable brands and businesses in the Artshare building in Downtown LA.  The host was an indigenous leader/creator/founder of @nativemagmax, Kelly Holmes.

Some of the panelists/speakers were-

  • Jonathan Ohayon of F.A.K.E.Movement (and co-founder of Vegan brand Arsayo) – representing over 50 Vegan brands
  • Clementina Martinez-Masarweh Founder of DNAThreds,Vidavert film festival and The Upcycle Club
  • Matt Hattala Co-chair of Climate Reality Project Los Angeles who gave an amazing presentation about water scarcity and possible food shortages due to Climate Change, inspiring all to save and value water
  • Kindom, the eco conscious and sustainable brand I consult for, showed their upcycled, adaptive, inclusive, and collaborative items – they are LA Fairtrade certified
  • Monique Figueredo, Compostable.LA co- founder, was super informative and talked about the importance and difference one can make by composting

The event was well attended by small businesses and brands and citizens who want to learn more about eco and sustainable choices they can make in their daily lives.

On Saturday, I tabled for the Climate Reality Project and Kindom at Fibershed x Helms Design District’s ‘Seeding the City’ event.  This event celebrated the 21st century garden in Los Angeles with a day-long program of talks, tours, pop ups and interactive experiences, like learning to dye with foraged items from your garden and natural screen printing techniques.

There were some very interesting speakers and attendees, like Maristella Casciato, the curator of the Getty Museum, soil expert Danielle Stevenson, the artist and architect James Hubbell, film maker Marianne Gendes, community planners John Kamp and James Rojas, and Elisha Chan of FairtradeLA.

A most interesting conversation was with the former Director of Sanitation regarding recycling fabrics and clothes to prevent them from ending up in landfills, and we discussed a solution which would also bring money into the cities and create jobs !!  I will update you if it is adopted.

I hope to find more events and opportunities to keep educating others of the sustainable, circular and ethical business practices we need to pivot to, in order to try to meet the goals of reducing GHG and CO2, and to lower the temperature of our Mother Earth, so we and future generations have a place to live.


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