Links Page – March 2022

We encourage club members to submit links of interest.  Here are interesting links submitted by our members in March.



Submitted by Carol Moeller:
The group Markers For Democracy is hosting a series of virtual conversations with interesting and inspiring guests like Cory Booker on March 25, Michael Waldman (President of the Brennan Center) on March 27, Qian Julie Wang (author of Beautiful Country) on March 31, Bill McKibben on April 4, and Kathryn Kolbert & Julie F. Kay (reproductive rights attorneys) on April 26.  The dates and details are included in this link: Markers for Democracy Special Events. Markers for Democracy is packed with interesting and committed people.

Submitted by Ann Nye:
LA Times columnist Sammy Roth summarized the top 30 CA Climate Bills in the Feb 24, 2022 edition of his Boiling Point Newsletter –
Berkeley’s CA Climate Policy Dashboard is a good reference for CA climate laws and programs –

Submitted by Reggie Jue:
I recently thought to forgo the convenience of ordering an item from Amazon in favor of helping other businesses, so planned on getting the item from Home Depot, instead.  But I came across this article noting that a surge in donations in February pushed Home Depot to the leading position of corporate donors to the Sedition Caucus.  You may remember that the Sedition Caucus is the name given to the 147 members of Congess who voted to not certify the 2020 election and to continue to support the Big Lie.
For more detailed analysis of corporate donations to the Sedition Caucus, check out this article from CREW.
Like our vote, where we spend our money can make a small difference.  Let these companies know that you are paying attention.

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