February Meeting Report: Michael Hiltzik’s 2021 Ruminations and Beyond

By Fraser Perkins —

Guide to February 20, 2022 Meeting of the Palos Verdes Democratic Club

The February meeting of the Palos Verdes Democrats was held by Zoom.  The theme was Michael Hiltzik’s 2021 Ruminations and Beyond and our featured speaker was Michael Hiltzik, the Los Angeles Times business columnist, blogger, and author.

The time refers to the time location in the video below. 

00:15  Introduction of Michael Hiltzik

01:20  Opening remarks

03:04  The stupidest year in American History

04:21  Kyle Rittenhouse

05:00  Congressional Republicans

05:25  Christmas cards featuring assault weapons

06:00  Crypto

06:30  Greater Fool Theory

08:00  Melania Trump’s NFT’s of watercolors of herself

09:32  Federal spending and inflation

11:43  The economy

13:55  Inflation

17:05  Messaging by Democrats

17:50  COVID

21:00  Refusing COVID vaccinations

27:50  Vaccine mandates


Comments/Q &A

35:30  Making Fox and other platforms responsible for disinformation

40:37  Democratic messaging

45:57  Prospects for portions of “Build Back Better” legislation

48:20  Taxation, inflation, interest rates

53:55  Highlighting the positive consequences of current economic policies

57:25  Single payer healthcare system

59:04  Exodus of people from California

1:03:40  Prosperity without growth

1:07:55  Impact of voting restrictions and gerrymandering on the November elections

1:11:42 Relocation of Mr. Hiltzik’s column to the second page of the business section


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