PV Dems Help Sponsor Al Muratsuchi Fundraiser

2021 Al Muratsuchi Fundraiser

Over 60 South Bay Democrats gathered at a beautiful Palos Verdes Estates home to help solidify the Democratic hold on the 66th Assembly District. There were members of the CADEM and LACDP Central Committees as well as candidates for municipal and judicial offices in attendance.

Veterans of some of Al’s previous campaigns may remember Eric Guerra, now a Sacramento City Councilmember, who was in attendance, and Eric reminisced about meeting Al as well as other local Democratic activists, and working on his campaigns.  Eric also reminded the audience that the California University System was once in disrepair, and Al’s work as Chairman of the State Budget Subcommittee on Education Finance helped revitalize the system so that it is once again turning out quality engineers, doctors, nurses, teachers and other professionals.  Al also was key in passing bills that helped the Aerospace industry in the South Bay.  Eric close by discussing his candidacy for State Senate.

Jimmy Gow reminded the group about how re-districting in 2012 created a challenging 66th AD that Al has converted into a strong Democratic presence; however, Jimmy, a Torrance native, highlighted the challenges facing the composition of the Torrance City Council, which is strongly Republican.  Even with a non-partisan office like the City Council, PV Democrats need to be ready to support Cliff Numark for Torrance Mayor, Jimmy and David Zygielbaum in District 1, Asam Sheikh in District 3, and Jean Adelsman in District 5.

Cliff spoke, calling Al the “nicest guy in politics.”  Cliff and Al served Torrance together, Al on the School Board, and Cliff in the City Council.  Cliff is currently on the Board of El Camino College and is running for Torrance Mayor.  He is endorsed by over 80 local leaders.  Torrance is a purple city, but faces significant problems, including one of the most difficult budget challenges in the state.

Club member Paul Seo, a South Bay native and Army veteran, announced his candidacy for Rancho Palos Verdes City Council, so PV Dems should be gearing up to support that campaign in the coming year.  Paul is a Deputy District Attorney, and feel that city council needs Democratic values that favor equity and inclusion.

Al, who just recently returned from the 2021 United Nations Climate Change Conference in Glasgow, spoke about pressures that is hindering progress in fighting climate change and eliminating a dangerous chemical, modified hydrofluoric acid, from the Torrance Refinery.  But, as the world’s 5th largest economy, California is in a position to influence the direction that the world takes, and Al promised to continue to fight to take on the current challenges.

We currently do not have a Republican challenger for our AD, but at least we now know the likely bounds of the new Assembly District, which will now include El Segundo.

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