November Meeting Report: Solving the Homelessness and Housing Crisis in California

By Fraser Perkins —

The November meeting of the Palos Verdes Democrats was held by Zoom on November 21st.  The featured speaker was Jonathan Zasloff, professor of law at the UCLA School of Law and co-author with Richard Sander and Yana Kucheva of Moving Toward Integration:  The Past and Future of Fair Housing.  Professor Zasloff teaches property land use, environmental law, housing discrimination law and Jewish law.  He received his law degree from Yale, his Ph.D. in the history of American foreign policy from Harvard, and a M. Phil. in International Relations from Cambridge University.

The time refers to the time locations in the video below.  Use the sliding timeline bar just above the “start” button at the bottom of the video screen to access the time locations.  You may have to adjust your own speaker volume.


00:10   Meeting theme – solving the homelessness and housing crisis in California

00:27   Recent statewide actions

03:15   Introduction of speaker

04:00   Introductory remarks by speaker

04:27   How did we get here?  Housing or mental health policy?

06:25   Impact of housing costs on homelessness

08:34   Impact of Zoning policy on housing supply

13:00   Current and future housing needs

14:28   Why housing market is broken

16:57   Housing requirements for local governments

18:20   RPV obligations

20:15   What do you think of affordable housing?

22:34   Definition of affordable housing

26:15   Difficulties of building in Los Angeles

27:20   Gentle density

29:30   How does affordable housing get built?

33:34   SB 9 & 10


Questions and Comments

46:05   Proposition HHH and Impact of former President Trump

49:08   Displacement and Filtration

53:45   Environmental factors and senior housing

57:25   Reliance on commercial interests

1:00:25   Number of required low-income housing units



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