Coming Newsletter Changes

By Fraser Perkins —

Over the next months you will notice some changes in the newsletter.


Monthly Meeting Report

The Monthly Meeting Report will be replaced with a Monthly Meeting Guide.  We have been posting video recordings of our meetings for a while now, and taking advantage of those recorded videos, the new Meeting Guide format is as follows:  the topics covered by guest speakers will be listed with the video’s time location for each topic.  Simply click on the meeting video and watch it in its entirety or navigate to the time you want to view.

Links and Events Page

We all run across interesting articles from a wide array of sources.  If you find one, please send me the link and I’ll include it.  I’ll organize the links by subject and list who submitted the link.  Many articles require a subscription, but many don’t.  It would be great to share perspectives among ourselves.  My email is  Thanks to Ann Nye who started this effort with 2 links.

Guest Articles

I encourage you to submit brief articles (~500 words).  Subject to editing, we’ll include them in the next newsletter.  I’ll list the title of your article and your name.  Above your article will be a disclaimer that the opinions expressed are yours and don’t necessarily reflect the view of the club.  In the past, we’ve included book and movie reviews and member’s experiences as poll monitors, campaigning and participation in demonstrations.

Climate Corner

As we heard last month from Assemblymember Al Muratsuchi, the challenge with Climate Change is politics, not policy.  Every month I plan to give a brief update on climate issues.  This month I’ll look at the recently concluded Glasgow Climate Conference.

Newsletter Month Title to Sync with Month of Meeting

Starting in January, we plan to publish the newsletter with its name being the month we have the meeting.  For example, the January 2022 Newsletter will be published after the January meeting and include the January’s meeting club business, speakers, and other commentary.


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