A Loss for Palos Verdes Democrats

By Carol Moeller —

It is with sadness we share that Dr. Carl Muchnick died on October 20.  A pediatrician for over 50 years, Carl graduated from the David Geffen School of Medicine at UCLA and practiced in Torrance.  A fervent Democrat and longtime PV Dems member, Carl served in 2013-14 on our Board of Directors as 2nd VP.

Passionate about access to healthcare, Carl wrote about the need for a single-payer system in the July 2017 PV Dems newsletter.  He admitted the ACA was flawed and noted ”An inordinate amount of money goes to the insurance companies, and in turn to their shareholders. In addition, the compensation to the CEOs is in the stratosphere! There is only one way to address this problem:  single payer.  Medicare For All (MFA) exemplifies this approach.  Expanding Medicare to cover the whole population would solve the problems, while potentially ending the political divide.  Single payer health care should be seen as a bi-partisan issue that provides for universal health care insurance regardless of income.  The money released into the system can also be used to provide other important services such as vision care, hearing care, and long-term care. This can be done now. It would allow us to move forward as a nation and devote our time and resources to other concerns.

Rest in Peace, Carl.  How we all wish you could have seen the Medicare For All plan put into practice.

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