Woman-on-the-Street Report from Fiesta Hermosa

By Lynn Bommer —

A pared down Fiesta Hermosa was enjoyed last weekend by an enthusiastic , although smaller, crowd.  The Beach Cities Democrats manned their usual booth (after missing last year due to Covid).  The booth was festooned with lawn signs, various sizes of window signs and buttons declaring “Stop the Recall”.
The neighboring political booth was asking for petition signatures to recall Gascon.  Fortunately, most of the people who stopped there did not know who Gascon is, so they passed by.  We enjoyed speaking with those who stopped at our location.  And, fortunately, the majority of those passers by  wanted to stop the recall.  Those who were in favor of recalling our Governor Newsom were unable to explain their stance other than to mumble something about a French laundry.  Hopefully this bodes well for our Governor!
Please get your ballots in!

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