September President’s Report

By Kathy Bradford —

Our August meeting was held via zoom again, and we will be holding our meetings for September, October and November on Zoom as well.  The August meeting was our annual review of the U.S. Supreme Court for the past year and features our own club member, Judge Tom Long of the Los Angeles Superior Court, and his selection of opinions from the UCI Law’s 2020-21 Supreme Court Term review with his own authoritative remarks.  Thanks again to Judge Long for another very entertaining review; and, thank you to Reggie Jue for editing the UCI review and to Carol Moeller for moderating the questions.  If you missed this meeting, Fraser Perkins has written a great article on it, which follows this column.

All the board members have been asked for the club’s endorsement for the CA Governor Recall Election.  The club is chartered and supported by the Los Angeles County Democratic Party (LACDP) and our charter says that we cannot separately endorse candidates in general or primary elections.  The official endorsement from the LACDP and California Democratic Party (CDP) is to vote NO on the recall (Question 1), and to not vote for a replacement candidate (Question 2).  If you are still unsure about how to fill out your ballot, the LA Times has a good article on the various recommendations being made across the state.  See  It has plenty of links to supporting articles as well.

That being said, the important thing to do for the election is to vote NO on the Recall, and to encourage other Democrats you know to do the same. The worst thing that could happen is for Democrats to not show up, and let a disgruntled Republican minority dictate the leadership of the state.

Click on the “All You Need to Know About the CA Governor Recall Election” slide to see what we showed at our August meeting .

On a final note, Jeff Cohlberg, from the Citizen’s Climate Lobby (CCL), contacted us to lobby our Senators and Representatives to urge them to include carbon pricing in the budget reconciliation package.  He said, “while we still support the carbon fee and dividend legislation, HR2307, we feel that the budget reconciliation process is currently our best shot at getting carbon pricing passed into law, and we remain convinced that carbon pricing is the single most effective step we can take to reduce our dependence on fossil fuels.”  He would like CCL supporters to send a message urging carbon pricing in the budget reconciliation package to our Senators and to Representative Ted Lieu at and




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