Janice Hahn Donates for ‘Vote No To The Recall’ Signs!

By Carol Moeller —

I was volunteering at our Redondo Beach Ten Thousand Villages store today when another PV Dems club member came in to take the next shift.  I told her I had some ‘Vote No to the Recall’ [Keep Gavin Newsom] signs in my car, and she said she wanted one.  A customer then piped up with, “I want one too!”  It was hard to tell who it was since we all were wearing masks, but when she briefly pulled her mask down, I saw it was Janice Hahn shopping in our Fair Trade store!  She said she has received and appreciated Fair Trade products from Ten Thousand Villages, and wanted to spread the goodwill to others.  Our Dem club member didn’t have the $15 cash donation just then for the sign, but Janice stepped right up and gave me $40 for two signs.  She then gave one to our member and asked me to donate the balance to our club.  Our member protested, but was mollified when I suggested she donate to Janice’s campaign.  Janice did express how sorry she was to have missed our PV Dems July picnic.  What a generous and truly good supervisor we have!


  1. She has been a total cancer for the city and area that I live in. She’s awful. Does absolutely nothing to resolve any of our concerns. Neglects our neighborhood. Crime is up, our living conditions have diminished ever since she got elevated as a board of supervisor. Total cancer. Can’t wait for her term to be over. Decides it’s okay to house pedophiles and criminals in our area. She’s the worse. They should all be recalled.

  2. I am, extremely, interested in getting some signs. My address is 31-474 via Ventana Thousand Palms, CA 92276 ( Palm Springs area)

  3. Janice Hahn is a South Bay Treasure! We are so fortunate to have her representing us at the LA County Board of Supervisors! I could recite countless times she and/or her office has responded when we’ve needed something for the betterment of our community! Thank you Supervisor Hahn!!!

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