PV Democrats Board of Directors Votes to Endorse Resolution Calling for Sheriff Villanueva Resignation

On Friday, November 6, the Board of the Palos Verdes Democrats met to discuss and consider the resolution calling for Sheriff Villanueva to resign.  The resolution is scheduled to be considered by the general membership of the Los Angeles County Democratic Party (LACDP) at their November 10th general meeting. The authors of the resolution recently emailed the resolution  to us for our consideration in advance of the LACDP’s general meeting, which didn’t provide us sufficient time to present this to our club membership.  Thus, the PV Dems Board voted to endorse the resolution on behalf of the board only.
The resolution calls out several troubling acts that Sheriff Villanueva has taken and supports the Sheriff’s Oversight Commission and two members of the Board of Supervisors’ call for the Sheriff’s resignation.

Call for Sheriff Villanueva to Resign

WHEREAS Sheriff Alex Villanueva became Sheriff of Los Angeles County on December 3, 2018 and has, since inauguration, demonstrated flagrant disregard and disrespect for the law, hubris, and obstruction to reasonable oversight and accountability of the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department, leading to a resolution of reprimand by the Los Angeles County Democratic Party in 2019, at a time when truth, accountability and justice are under unprecedented assault across our nation and world as leaders brazenly lie, obstruct justice and obfuscate their record while rewarding loyalists and refusing to be held accountable, making it all the more important to denounce such threats to our safety and our democracy within our midst; and

WHEREAS Sheriff Alex Villanueva has re-hired former deputies discharged for misconduct because they volunteered on his campaign, withheld information and refused to comply with lawful subpoenas issued by the county inspector general, launched retaliatory tactics against oversight bodies, elected officials, and media personnel who attempt to do their duty with regards to providing transparency and accountability to the department, gave repeated inaccurate statements regarding the physical assault of KPCC journalist Josie Huang, and has stonewalled independent investigations into the deaths of Dijon Kizzee and Andres Guardado at the hands of Sheriff’s deputies, among others; and

WHEREAS elected and appointed leaders across Los Angeles County have joined the call for Sheriff Villanueva to resign, including the Sheriff Civilian Oversight Commission, views encapsulated by Commissioner Robert Bonner’s comments that “he’s demonstrated on multiple occasions that he lacks the judgment needed to be the sheriff and that he’s unable to provide the leadership needed by the Sheriff’s Department”,

THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED that the Los Angeles County Democratic Party calls for Sheriff Alex Villanueva to resign his office due to his failure to uphold his oath of office to bear true faith and allegiance to the Constitution of the State of California, due to his abdication of his duties to ensure transparency, trust, and accountability within the Department he now leads, we take this action to uphold the values of the Los Angeles County Democratic Party and in keeping with our commitment to hold our elected officials accountable.

Submitted by: Democratic Party of the San Fernando Valley, Black Women’s Democratic Club, Miracle Mile Democratic Club, Los Angeles County Young Democrats, Progressive Democrats of the Santa Monica Mountains, Muslim Democrat Club of Southern California, West Los Angeles Young Democrats, Democrats for Neighborhood Action, Democrats for Israel Los Angeles, Democratic Parents, CADEM Region 12 Delegates, Valley Grassroots for Democracy

Authored by: Nick Greif, AD50 and Connie Sullivan, AD66

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