VOTING In-Person and Voting By Mail for the 2020 Presidential General Election

By Ann Nye —

Check out the League of Women Voters website,, to check out what’s on your ballot , your voter registration, your polling place and upcoming debates in your area.  Your ballot information will be available closer to the election.

Check out  the CA’s Secretary of State’s website, download a pdf of CA’s twelve (12) ballot propositions or view them at ballotpedia’s website,  PV Dems will be reviewing all 12 propositions at their September meeting.

The following information is referenced from

Voting In-Person

Coming Soon: Vote Center Locations

Recruitment and selection of Vote Centers for the Presidential General Election is underway. Locations will be made available on this page in early October.

Vote Center locations will also be printed on your Sample Ballot Book and a Vote Center catalog listing all locations will be mailed leading up to the election.

Vote Center Days and Hours

Voters will have 10 consecutive days and Election Day to vote in-person at ANY participating Vote Center in the County.

Select Vote Centers will be available beginning Saturday, October 24. All Vote Centers will be available beginning Friday, October 30.

Vote Centers will be open every day 10 AM – 7 PM during the early voting period. On Election Day Vote Centers will be open 7 AM – 8 PM.


Voting by Mail in L.A. County and How to return your Vote by Mail ballot

 Click on the image to view the pdf


The Safe, Accessible and Preferred Voting Option in 2020

Beginning with the November 3, 2020 General Election all registered voters will be mailed a Vote by Mail ballot to ensure a safe and accessible voting option during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Mailing of Vote by Mail ballots in all elections begins 29 days prior to Election Day.  Mailing begins October 5th for Vote By Mail ballots.

How to Return your Ballot

There are multiple options on how to return your ballot:

    • By mail, remember no postage is necessary
    • In person at any Vote by Mail drop box location
    • At any Vote Center in L.A. County

If your ballot is postmarked by Election Day and received within 17 days by our Department we will process, verify and count that ballot.

Ballot Return Checklist

Before you drop off your Vote by Mail ballot make sure:

    1. Place your voted ballot card(s) inside the Official Return Envelope
    2. Securely seal the Official Return Envelope
    3. Sign and date the back of the Official Return Envelope

Coming Soon: List of Drop Box Locations

Recruitment and selection of Drop Boxes for the Presidential General Election is underway. Locations will be made available 30 days before Election Day.

There will be over 300 secure Drop Boxes throughout the County to safely return your voted ballot in this election.

How to Check if Your Ballot was Received and Counted

After returning your voted ballot via Drop Box or by mail you can check your ballot to make sure it was received and tallied through our Vote by Mail Status Tool.  This tool will be available 30 days prior to Election Day.

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