Preview of Upcoming PV Democrats Meetings – SAVE THE DATES

Here’s a preview of the September and October PV Dems Meetings.  All will be held virtual with Zoom and start at 2:30pm.




September 20 – Getting Smart on the Nov CA Ballot Propositions

The League of Women Voters will present the pros and cons and who’s funding what for the 12 CA Ballot Propositions on the November Ballot.


October 18 – Vote Like Your Life Depends On It

We will screen Suppressed (runtime of about 37 mins), a documentary by Brave New Films (BNF).  Afterwards, Robert Greenwald, founder and president of Brave new Films (BNF) will answer our questions about the film, which was updated in August to account for some of the voter suppression tactics prevalent during this year’s election.

Brave New Films Action Fund Vote Like Your Life Depends on It campaign has funded several films on this theme.  Here are two shorts you may like to share with your friends.

“I Take No Responsibility”: Vote Like Your Life Depends On It • Trump & The Coronavirus (BNF)   April 30, 2020 (2:29 mins)

Vote Like Your Earth Depends On It: Trump’s Assault On The Planet (BNF)  April 22, 2020 Earth Day (3:10 mins)



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