PV Democrats June 2020 Donations

By Kathy Bradford —

One of the goals of the Palos Verdes Democrats  is to  elect democrats. This month, the PV Democrats Board of Directors discussed and made decisions on which candidates and initiatives to support with $6000 of club funds. Last year, we focused on local seats in Orange County (OC) which were flipped in the 2018 election.  This year we also wanted to support neighboring states that are  critical in winning back the Senate, like Mark Kelly’s race in Arizona.  Twenty-three candidates and/or organizations were nominated by the Board, and we decided to provide funding now to seven  of them. Membership renewals will bring in additional funds July-September and will provide one more opportunity for us to make donations  to help Democrats win elections in November. The following are the decisions we made.

Joe Biden $1500

America is under attack by its own President, who proudly sides with three forces that sought to endanger the country: the Confederacy, the Nazis, and Russia.  The Republican Party has become Trump’s political hitman. We must stop them. To do that, we need to take back the White House. Vice President Joe Biden knows how to do that and we need to help him.

Field Team 6 $1000

In primaries from Wisconsin to Georgia, Republicans have weaponized the pandemic to suppress the vote. Now more than ever we must unmute all Democrats and register them to vote by mail. Field Team 6 is a California-born group who helped turn OC blue in 2018. In 2020, they are using data analytics, targeting software and volunteers to hunt down unregistered progressives and get them on the voter rolls where they belong. And to sign up every registered Democrat to vote from home.

Katie Porter $1000

Katie Porter is an American law professor, attorney, and politician serving as the U.S. Representative for California’s 45th Congressional District since 2019 when, with our help, we turned OC blue. As a member of the House Financial Services Committee and the House Oversight and Reform Committee, she’s asked tough questions of bank CEOs and administration officials to hold them accountable to the American people. She has also been a key supporter of legislation to reduce the influence of dark money in politics and restore ethics to Washington. Now we need to keep her in office.

Christy Smith $1000

In 2018, Smith’s campaign triumphed in a hard-fought election, securing a decisive win in the race to represent the California 38th Assembly District, a district that represents 58% of California’s 25th Congressional District. Smith won by over 5,000 votes and flipped a seat blue that had been Republican-held since 1978. In the state legislature, she works hard every day to advance common sense solutions to address the challenges facing the people and communities she represents. Last year she decided to run for Congress and became the Democratic nominee. When she ran in the special election on May 12th, she lost by a narrow margin. Now she is running for a full term of the 25th congressional seat. We need to help her get out the vote and replace Republican Mike Garcia.

Mark Kelly $750

We need to take back the Senate, and electing Mark Kelly as an Arizona Senator is one step in this process. Captain Mark Kelly is a retired U.S. Navy combat pilot, engineer, and NASA astronaut. He lives in Tucson with his wife, former Congresswoman Gabby Giffords.  Washington isn’t addressing the big problems in a way that helps working people. Partisanship keeps politicians from finding solutions, and all of the money in our political system keeps politicians from being accountable to the people they’re supposed to represent. Mark will always put what’s right for Arizona and the country above any political party. It’s why his campaign isn’t taking corporate PAC money, so you know that he’s only accountable to the people.

Sister District $500

Sister District is another California-grown political action group. The goal of Sister District is to win power in strategic state legislatures across the nation so that we can draw fair voting districts in 2021, undoing ten  years of Republican-led gerrymandering, and catalyzing real progressive change for the next decade. Sister District  harnesses the abundance of volunteer and donor energy that exists across the country, and directs it to stellar candidates in carefully targeted swing districts in our key 2020 states. 2020 is the biggest election year of our lifetimes, and there are thousands of state legislative elections happening across the country. Importantly, elections in 2020 are the last chance for Democrats to gain power in state legislatures prior to redistricting in 2021, which will determine electoral maps for the next decade.

Harley Rouda $250

Harley Rouda serves in the United States House of Representatives from California’s 48th congressional district, encompassing south-western coastal portions of Orange County including the cities of Huntington Beach, Costa Mesa and Newport Beach. He first ran for office in the 2018 elections, where (with our help) he defeated 15-term incumbent Dana Rohrabacher by a very narrow margin. He currently serves on the Committees for Oversight and Reform, and Transportation and Infrastructure. We need to keep OC blue, and Harley is a part of that goal.

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