June 28th Meeting Introduction

By Ann Nye —

Theme – HOMELESSNESS is a State Emergency!

Homelessness was a state emergency before the COVID-19 pandemic and now even more so.  Today’s speakers will inform us on the complexities of this issue and how we are doing.

Leonora Camner, Managing Director of Abundant Housing Los Angeles; Abundant Housing LA (AHLA) was founded by a group of volunteers standing up for more housing and better neighborhoods – often known as YIMBY (Yes In My Back Yard).   Last October, Leonora wrote an LA Times Op-Ed encouraging the Los Angeles City Council to reject the Southern CA’s Association of Governments plan and demand  “expensive cities with jobs accept more housing for low-income workers.”  We are fortunate to have Leonora talk about Abundant Housing LA’s vision to solve the housing problem for the homelessness and low income workers.

Grace Farwell, South Bay Cities Council of Governments Homeless Outreach Project Manager and Board Member of Harbor Interfaith Services; she is their lead to tackle homelessness in the South Bay.  Last September we had Jacki Bacharach, SBCCOG’s Executive Director, speak on their Regional Broadband Initiative.

Al Muratsuchi represents CA’s 66th Assembly District; he supports state funding for homeless services and legislation to build more affordable housing and will add to our discussion today on how to fix the underlying causes of homelessness in Los Angeles.

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