PV Democrats Board of Directors 2020-2021

By Ann Nye —

During the business portion of our meeting, our members voted on the candidates offered up by a hard-working nominating committee headed by Marilyn Weiker with Kathy Bradford and Frazier Perkins.

Luckily our first virtual vote was an uncontested slate of candidates.  Our Parliamentarian, Carol Moeller, introduced the slate which we displayed on Zoom and explained the rules for voting.

With no contested positions, Carol asked members to vote YES or NO on the entire slate of candidates using the “thumb up” icon to accept the entire slate of candidates or the “thumb down” icon to not accept.  If members could not find the icons or were calling in, we asked them to please use the “contact us” email listed on our PV Democrats’ website, or call one of our board members to register their vote.  “We are Democrats….every vote is important to us!” emphasized Carol.

Well, it was our first vote, and we did have a few hiccups, but in the end we tallied 29 YES votes, which was greater than our quorum of 21.  So the slate of candidates passed and they will be officially installed at our virtual picnic on July 19th.

CONGRATULATIONS to the PV Democrats Board of Directors 2020-2021

Board Position 2020-21 Board
President Kathy Bradford
1st Vice-President Connie Sullivan
2nd Vice-President Ann Nye
Recording Secretary Asha Shahed
Corresponding Secretary Arline Korb
Treasurer Al Shadbourne
Parliamentarian Carol Moeller
Membership Irene Silver
Publicity Margaret Madonna
Newsletter Editor Fraser Perkins
Webmaster Reggie Jue
Hospitality Kathy Bradford
Immediate Past President Rascha Hall

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