June President’s Report

In July, we will install our new Board of Directors. It is going to be a very busy and very difficult year. We’ve all been dealing with social isolation in a way that we’ve never experienced before. I hope you have enjoyed the last two General meetings that we have had using the video conferencing format, Zoom. Despite a few minor technical difficulties in the beginning, I think the meetings have been very good. They have been well attended and I have received compliments both on the content of the meetings and how well organized they have been. Kudos to our 2nd Vice President, Ann Nye, for her excellent programming and moderating and to our webmaster and Zoom host, Reggie Jue, for his technical expertise in arranging for and managing our Zoom meetings.

We receive many requests for members to participate in active democracy. We have been asked to participate in helping with the census, registering Democrats, getting out the vote (GOTV) in primary elections and in preparation for the big one in November, and fundraising events–all virtual, of course. We try to email “blast” you with these opportunities as they come in. There’s phone banking, text banking, and postcard writing. We are working to hold on to the House seats that we won in 2018 and to flip the Senate by actively working for candidates in crucial, swing states. There are close races in Montana (Steve Bullock), Arizona (Mark Kelly), Maine (Sara Gideon), Colorado (John Hickenlooper), and Kentucky (wouldn’t it be wonderful to “Ditch Mitch” with Amy McGrath?). And, of course, we need to “Dump Trump” and retake the White House!!

There are many active sites you can choose to work with, all of them will train you and provide you with a script to follow. Here are a few o f the sites that I know of: Field Team 6 (this is the one that our past president, Lynn Bommer works most closely with), Westside Democratic HQ, Grassroots Democrats HQ, and Sister District. The links to these sites may be found on our website’s LINKS page. Please remember to watch for “blasts” from our webmaster, Reggie Jue, making us aware of opportunities to be active. Also, remember to check our website regularly.

In addition to volunteering, there are opportunities for us to donate (of course). The Grassroots Democrats website has a subheading called “swing states” with current poll ratings of particular candidates. Under that heading you will find the ratings of the seven congressional candidates in California districts that we flipped in 2018, as well as the current Senate districts we are hoping to swing in 2020, including the ones I’ve already mentioned. All are listed under the particular states in which they are running. There are organizations, as well as candidates, to which you may wish to contribute, e.g. Emily’s List and/or the Sierra Club.

Please watch for the announcement of our annual July picnic which will be held virtually this year. You will need to supply your own picnic treats, but we will provide you with interesting speakers, good company, and the installation of the new Board.

Meanwhile, stay home, stay safe, and stay healthy.


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